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July 11th, 2014

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


Dear Colleagues,


It has been a few months since the bank and I have been a target of a deliberate, massive, and manipulative campaign, which has spread to everything associated with me. The main objective of the unprecedented pressure from the media, orchestrated by certain circles, is Corporate Commercial Bank AD. The peak of the whole campaign was the Bulgarian National Bank’s press conference, which revealed the conspiratorial scenario for breaking the trust in the bank and allow for the cheap sale of the assets it has financed.


The fabricated numbers which show that bank is operating at a huge loss have been put into circulation by the same people who tried to destroy it. Isn’t it odd that the only argument of the Governor was the lack of a valuation of the credit files? Is there really someone who thinks this is possible? It is obvious that the investigative authorities have the files.


Mr. Governor, whose orders have you been following? Isn’t it odd that you did not defend your own Deputy Governor when he was accused before any evidence was collected? Is that how you defend the independence of one of the oldest institutions in democratic Bulgaria?


Why did you not allow the shareholders to find a working business solution for Corpbank AD? Why did you neglect their oral and written statements? Mr. Governor, do you think it is possible to treat the representatives of the State Fund of an independent country in such an arrogant manner? Maybe you were serving some other people’s interests, who will benefit from not repaying their debts to the bank? Or maybe you were serving the interests of people who would like to acquire the assets financed by Corpbank AD at a very cheap price?


Mr. Governor,


You accused me of taking out a large sum of money from the bank the day before it was put under supervision by the National bank.  It never became clear how exactly the money was taken out and given to me since I have been outside Bulgaria since June 10th, 2014. Since it became apparent that the whole scenario was orchestrated by certain people who are trying to blackmail me and Corpbank AD for years, I have decided to inform the public that I have made notarized testimonies before judges from countries which are members of the European Union.


The flourishing of unproved and fabricated accusations with the help of people who have been threatened and scared is not a reason to be complacent.


Dear Clients of Corporate Commercial Bank AD,


I would like to address you with the next couple of sentences. I would like to thank you for your trust and to ensure you that I will not allow you to pay the price of my personal battles. I am certain that your interests will be protected in the most adequate manner very soon.


I will deal in court with all the institutions which have decided to cooperate and to be inactive in order for all this to become possible.


Sincerely yours,

Tzvetan Vassilev

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