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July 30th, 2014

Today, my name was once again involved in conspiracy theories about the rule of the people behind the scenes. This time, it was done by the "over informed" Mr. Yanev, who has become a specialist in "money transfers" from the times of the early capitalism in Bulgaria.


I would like to emphasize that recommending Mr. Barekov for the executive director position at TV7 a while ago was a mistake of mine. He had to be "rewarded" in order for him to leave his position. However, the questions regarding his financial uprightness remained.


When searching for the specialists in briefcase "money transfers" Mr. Yanev should look for the group of people who initiated the attack against me and Corporate Commercial Bank AD. He should also look for the unknown Judases, who are unable to communicate in an understandable language, and who were prepared by the "moral champions" with the only goal of stealing the lucrative assets financed by the bank. Who knows, maybe the claimed shortages in the companies which were "successfully" managed in my absence have gone to the same place.


Barekov’s declarations in the last month make it evident whose servant he is. Mr. Yanev, you will recognize them by their deeds as well as by their words! And their newspapers!


Tzvetan Vassilev

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