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August 4th, 2014

Dear Clients of Corpbank AD,


Dear Colleagues and Employees of the bank,


It has been two months since the final stage of the plot against me and Corpbank AD began! A plot, planned and realized in an unscrupulous way, not without the help of the state apparatus and which forced the bank to be put under supervision.


Today, no one asks if these actions were something usual or they are a demonstration of brutal force, which is something that characterizes a different type of society that we all thought is long gone. Unfortunately, we were all wrong! It turns out that the arrogance and the unscrupulousness could be leading in subduing a whole country.


I doubt that anyone, besides Corpbank AD’s employees, could imagine how arrogant the investigative authorities and the prosecution were when they were collecting the evidence which was supposed to prove the theses of the “brain” trust behind the whole operation.


This address is to state my deep respect and appreciation towards the loyalty and firmness of Corpbank AD’s clients and employees given all the aggression. I am deeply sorry for the bank’s employees who were harassed and I believe that justice will prevail soon.


Looking at the situation today, especially after the conservator’s report was released, it has become even more apparent how unfounded the theses of the organizers of the pogrom are.


Do you really think, ladies and gentlemen, that there is a bank in the world, which could endure the “stress test” that Corpbank AD was put to? I guarantee you that there is no such bank. Despite all the false statements regarding the “specifics of the bank” which were made by the National Bank’s Governor, the Prime Minister, and Finance Minister. The specifics include the fact that the bank actively worked in supporting the Bulgarian industry, which some people did not like. Or maybe they do like the working assets, rather than shopping malls and empty apartments. It is no coincidence that their main tool, who is difficult to understand, has emerged as the executive director of one of the most lucrative companies.


However, I assure you, they will not get away with it! Their time is running out and we can make it happen faster only by common effort. The state does not have the funds and the intention to repay Corpbank AD’s liabilities to its clients. The state representatives showed their double standards. As a result of Oresharski, Chobanov, and Co.’s “wise” policy, the shortage in the state budget’s revenue part is close to BGN 2 billion.


Dear Clients, I have devoted the last two months to find a solution so your losses which were caused by the irresponsible policy of the state could be minimized.


I believe that soon there will be an offer from a consortium of investors, including the State General Reserve Fund of Oman. I hope that you will support it as we think you are the important ones and we count on you. Once this is done, we will demand our rights from the people who are supposed to preserve the stability but failed.


Thank you for the patience and understanding!

Tzvetan Vassilev



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