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Tzvetan Vassilev

Address to Corpbank AD’s Employees[1]

April 26th, 2015

Dear colleagues and friends,


I turn to you in this unbearably difficult time for us all to thank you once again for your honest and dedicated work over the years.


Despite the propaganda by poisonous media which keep spreading absurdities regarding Corpbank AD and about you, its dignified employees!


Despite the politicians who compete in speaking nonsense on issues that are beyond their level of competence!


Despite that many of you continue to be the targets of the corrupt Investigation and Prosecution Services in their animal desire to "fabricate evidence" to please those whose ears turn red when they receive orders from the Berlin bunker!


Despite that your colleagues from other banks behave as if nothing has happened and that it does not affect them. It seems they believe they are immune to such events. Let us not wish them a similar fate! But I am convinced that in such a ruthless and merciless attack, they would not withstand even one day.


I cannot understand, however, the position of the unions! They should not be indifferent to the fate of employees, especially those unlawfully reduced in blatant violation of Bulgarian employment law! I cannot understand the position of the Ombudsman! If he is unable to alert public authorities and institutions, and in particular the Constitutional Court, on behalf of affected citizens, then who may do so – the dependent MPs who vote the way their party leaders order them? Or is he still morally indebted to those who ended his mandate as President of the Supreme Administrative Court in favor of Georgi Kolev?! The same person who put all his "professionalism" as Chairman of the judicial panel at the Supreme Administrative Court to read Corpbank’s "death sentence" as quickly as possible because it was decided on much earlier and elsewhere. Because how else can we explain that the Supreme Administrative Court confirmed the decision of the central bank to withdraw Corpbank’s license on the basis of documents that nobody has seen and not to allow anyone to appeal the decision in blatant violation of the case law of the Court in Strasbourg? Yet, Kolev’s dream of the Constitutional Court may be becoming more real! The authors of Corpbank’s assassination are capable of expressing gratitude for "good" services.


Does anyone know of the indignities to which you are subjected every day? Or of the black tunnel which you and your families are facing? And all of this just because you are employees of Corporate Commercial Bank AD? Who gives guidance to colleagues from other banks not to accept you as their customers? Did you really reach so low, gentlemen of the Investigation and Prosecution Services and the central bank? How many times should Iskrov and the Deposit Insurance Fund breach the law, so that everyone learns that neither the rule of law nor human destiny matter in Bulgaria?  


In fact, lately, Bulgaria only respects the human rights of those who serve the ideologists of the coveted Prosecutors’ Republic of Bulgaria!


I would like to ask you not to despair! And be proud that you were part of the team of one of the best banks for which no one ever said a bad word! None of those who worked with the bank and with us. I neither mean Prokopiev’s scribblers nor Peevski’s "media cesspool"! I am talking about the honest and unbiased ones!


I am convinced that if the teams of other banks had been put in the same situation, they would not have enjoyed the respect of their clients! That is why they envied us! Because we were better, more honest, more ethical and more successful!


Please do not regret anything and keep your spirit up! Those who can build, will always build something new, and those who can only destroy, at some point will destroy themselves as well! Life goes on!




[1] I turn to the true employees of Corpbank AD and not to those appointed by the central bank and its incompetent conservators during the devastating supervision of the bank. It is unlikely that the general public knows that many employees of Corpbank AD were illegally made redundant by the conservators who appointed random people at their place without a proper recruitment process, but with salaries significantly higher than those of the unlawfully dismissed employees!


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