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Tzvetan Vassilev

Address to the Supporters of PFC Botev Plovdiv

August 5th, 2014

Dear fans of PFC Botev Plovdiv,


I would like to congratulate you on playing good in the A group of this championship, which is more than worthy. This proves once again that when the team and fans are united the results are positive.


I express my great respect and admiration for your loyalty to Botev Plovdiv. I am proud that you do not lose courage and you continue to give your unwavering support in these hard times. I am grateful that you appreciate what we have achieved together.


I am convinced that the attempts of the criminal and political circles to destroy what we have been building won’t succeed. Those who know me should know that my “roots” are healthy and my principles are firm. Worldwide it is accepted that people who create and do not destroy are the respected ones. I deeply believe that the truth is on our side! I will continue to fight together with my colleagues for this cause! I think that we are close to the time when I would be helpful to my favourite Botev.


Thank you!

Tzvetan Vassilev

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