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Since 2014, I have given more than 100 interviews – you can find links to nearly 70 of them on this website. Many of the interviews never saw the light of day because the journalists (or their editors?) did not like what they heard. In recent years, I have also encountered another type of censorship – it turns out that there are journalists who cut out parts of interviews that they dislike. Furthermore, I have found out firsthand that there are media outlets that delete interviews. It turns out that for many of those who claim to defend freedom of speech, "freedom of speech" is synonymous with “freedom of censorship.”


Since I do not find the policies in question ethical, I am starting the "Censored By" column to share information about some of these incidents because they do not seem accidental. Thus, readers will be able to draw their own conclusions about whose interests the journalists and the media for which they work have served.


Click on the links below to learn more about each case of censorship:


Censored by