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Tzvetan Vassilev

Dear Fans of our Beloved Botev

March 23rd, 2015

Dear Friends,


The Corpbank AD drama, organized by a particular political and economic group and realized with the power of the state machine, continues more than nine months. The economic and social consequences, which I warned of at the very beginning, are extremely serious. And all of that aims to satisfy the greed of a clique, which obviously has lost its sources of enrichment.


All that time I had the hope that they will find strength to admit their mistake in order to make the consequences less serious. Unfortunately, this never happened and on top of that the attack, aiming the acquisition of the working and not controlled by the clique assets, entered its crucial phase under the “protection of the public interest” slogan and with the active role of today’s government and the governmentally represented political powers.


The striking proof of that is the refusal of Vivacom to sign an annex to the sponsorship contract of the team for 2015 under the pressure of the Velchevi brothers who only represent themselves.


In terms of a total attack, aiming my full discrediting, every person, each company, even each idea and dream connected in a way with me are being anathematized and mocked. 


As I realized all of that and considered the realities, I decided that the best way to help you at this stage is to leave the things in your hands! It sounds sad but believe me, it has been a contemplated and very, very hard decision. I talked to Mr. Vesselin Bushev and he agreed that the best option is to transfer the shares of Botev AD owned by Infrastructure AD to your association, dear fans! I am convinced that by acquiring control over the favorite club, you, dear friends, will find the best way to come out of the enormously difficult situation with strength, will, and firmness. Mr. Bushev expressed his readiness to continue helping in accordance with his resources.


Dear friends, 


I once again regret that I did not manage to finish what I had started. But do not give up, continue the fight! I will observe the development closely and will go on helping in any way I can at any opportunity revealed.


I am proud that even for a while I was part of the Botev legend! Thank you for the many happy moments you gave me! Courage and keep on moving forward!

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