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Major Slap in the Face of Bulgaria’s Corrupt Regime: Interpol’s Headquarters Cancelled the Notices Issued against My Wife and Our Daughter by Bulgaria’s Prosecution

March 21st, 2019

After a careful study of the facts of the cases, Interpol’s Headquarters cancelled the Red Notices issued against my wife and my daughter by Bulgaria’s prosecution. Interpol’s Headquarters held that Bulgaria issued these arrest warrants in violation of Interpol’s Rules on the of Processing Data — namely, there is no evidence of crime. The decision was taken at a regular session of the Commission for the Control of Interpol’s Files at Interpol’s Headquarters in January 2019.


In 2017, in a violent attempt to repress my family, Bulgaria’s prosecution raised absurd charges and put my wife and my daughter on Interpol’s wanted list. Interpol’s Headquarters, however, established that these ridiculous, fabricated allegations cannot serve as grounds for Interpol notices.


This decision is a major slap in the face of Bulgaria’s corrupt regime. Bulgaria’s systemic abuses of law and human rights are now internationally known — it is clear that Bulgaria abuses Interpol’s system in the same way as autocratic states like Russia, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.


Regrettably, Bulgaria’s authorities will not learn any lessons — none of the prosecutors who abused the law will face any consequences in Bulgaria either. Clearly, human rights violations are a national policy.


Interpol’s Headquarters is currently examining the compliance of my own Red Notice with its Rules on the Processing of Data, which obviously makes Bulgaria’s regime very nervous. I have recently learned Bulgaria’s authorities are planning yet another vendetta against my family.


Meanwhile, key witnesses in the Corpbank case are currently being harassed — innocent people were brutally arrested in the middle of the night and are kept in custody based on absurd charges. This is yet another proof of the dependencies of Bulgaria’s prosecution and court. The so-called specialized court, which is an extraordinary tribunal for harassment in all but name, is neither troubled by the lack of evidence nor by documents, which have obviously been forged by the prosecution and their “witness” on call Biser Lazov. Sadly, Bulgaria’s society keeps quiet about these abuses — many people may not realize they can be next if the regime deems them to be a threat to the status quo.


Despite everything, I believe that the reign of Bulgaria’s mafia will be over soon. The truth cannot be suffocated and will surely come to the surface.  


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