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Monument of Atanas Burov in Sofia

Tzvetan Vassilev’s Speech at the Unveiling of Atanas Burov’s Monument

In late 2011, a monument of the eminent Bulgarian banker and public figure Atanas Burov was formally unveiled in the garden facing the Ivan Vazov National Theater in Sofia. The monument was funded entirely by a personal donation by Tzvetan Vassilev and was designed by sculptor Prof Emil Popov and architect Petar Stoyanov. It was erected on the initiative of the Worthy Bulgarians Foundation’s Chairman Ilia Georgiev.


"It was an honor for me to accept with alacrity the invitation to underwrite the monument of this worthy Bulgarian, not least because I am long influenced by his deed, and also because it is I who have the honor to sit in his cabinet. I did it with genuine and sincere pleasure. At long last, one of the most eminent Bulgarian pre-war public figures, thinkers, and bankers receives due recognition before the Bulgarian nation," said Tzvetan Vassilev at the monument’s unveiling, quoted by Politika newspaper, author — Valery Roev. He expressed the hope that, just as Bulgaria had brought forth figures like Burov, so it would continue bringing forth worthy successors of his.


Tzvetan Vassilev has shown his respect for the historical heritage and the personality of Atanas Burov through many other gestures. The building, which is now the Central Office of Corporate Commercial Bank AD, was the seat of Bulgarian Commercial Bank. The building is in Munich Secession style and fascinates with its stone reliefs, sculptures, and decorative masks.


Over the years the building has repeatedly changed its designation. In 1978 it was declared a cultural monument. The majority shareholder of Corporate Commercial Bank AD Tzvetan Vassilev engaged with the full restoration and preservation of the exterior and interior of the bank as close as possible to its original look from the beginning of the 20th century. Today Atanas Burov’s desk, behind which he worked in Bulgarian Commercial Bank, as well as the original paneling, leather armchairs, massive doors, his authentic photographs, silver inkwell, and even the former bank’s telephone are being kept in Corporate Commercial Bank AD.

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