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Tzvetan Vassilev to Frances Coppola: “The Political Mafia Took Down Coprbank AD”

October 7th, 2015

“An extraordinary story of malice, corruption and incompetence in Bulgarian institutions” writes the American journalist Frances Coppola in an October 6th, 2015, Forbes article titled: “Bulgaria’s Failed Corpbank: The Former Owner’s Story”. In a conversation with Tzvetan Vassilev, the author debunks ...

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On the "Conclusions" of the Report by the Extraordinary Parliamentary Committee and Other Things

July 12th, 2015

I did not intend to enter into indirect polemics with the members of the Extraordinary Parliamentary Committee on Corporate Commercial Bank AD. I preferred to discuss the case with them and so I proposed to be heard through my attorney. The fear ...

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Dependent Bulgarian Media Spread Lies Once Again

May 14th, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, Once again, I would like to emphasize that I share my opinion publicly only via my personal website On 14 May 2015, dependent Bulgarian media controlled by #KOI and #NyaKOI reached a new low of moral turpitude by spreading a ...

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Address to Corpbank AD’s Employees[1]

April 26th, 2015

Dear colleagues and friends, I turn to you in this unbearably difficult time for us all to thank you once again for your honest and dedicated work over the years. Despite the propaganda by poisonous media which keep spreading absurdities regarding Corpbank AD and ...

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