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Open Letter to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria

August 15th, 2017

Open Letter

To the President of the Republic of Bulgaria

General Roumen Radev


Dear Mr President,


This is the first time I am writing to you publicly even though I had many reasons to do so since you entered in office.


Before my family was subjected to the brutal attacks by the Bulgarian mafia, I was a Professor of Economics in Bulgaria and I contributed to the development of Bulgarian science and education as I believe that young people are our future.


Regrettably, my name was tarnished by the Bulgarian prosecution and certain Bulgarian tabloids in relation to the purchase of a family property abroad. Nobody really checked whether this deed was indeed “criminal”, how much income tax my family has paid, how many charities we have supported, etc. In Switzerland, for example, the Swiss court accepted the documents we presented and refused to honor the request by the Bulgarian Commission for the Confiscation of Illegally Acquired Assets to freeze the aforementioned property. The Swiss court also ordered the said Commission to pay for the court fees and our legal expenses for this case. The experts at the said Commission did not even appeal before the Swiss court, but they are still spreading fake news in Bulgaria.



Dear Mr President,


This time I am writing to you as a Bulgarian mother whose daughter has been brutally attacked by Bulgaria’s mafia with the only purpose of humiliating and blackmailing her father Tzvetan Vassilev. She was maliciously accused today based on fake charges by the Bulgarian prosecution, which also dared to violate her fundamental human rights.


After it was publicly announced on August 3rd, 2017 that the foundation of the distinguished US diplomat Bill Richardson, which is dedicated to defending human rights, would file an application before the US Government under the Global Magnitsky Act to raise concern about the brutal violations of my husband’s human rights by Bulgaria’s Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov and Bulgaria’s MP Delyan Peevski, the Bulgarian prosecution immediately fabricated ridiculous charges against my daughter to please the Bulgarian mafia.


It is interesting to note that my daughter has been living abroad for years.  Her subpoena required her to present herself before the Bulgarian authorities on Monday, August 7th, 2017.  Just few days after the news that Tzvetan Vassilev seeks protection under the Global Magnitsky Act, which had major repercussions in the country! How vengeful and personal!


I am sure you know that for reasons which are publicly known my husband and I do not live in Bulgaria and it is physically impossible to check the mail we receive in Bulgaria daily. It is also important to know that once the subpoena was indeed received, a lawyer called the Bulgarian authorities to explain the circumstances. Regrettably, as my daughter did not “honor the subpoena”, the Bulgarian prosecution issued a 72-hour arrest warrant. I think it is necessary to repeat to emphasize the absurdity—even though my daughter was not subpoenaed in compliance with Bulgarian procedural rules and with her human rights, also known as malicious prosecution, the Bulgarian prosecution issued a 72-hour arrest warrant. The reasons are crystal clear: the only purpose of the brutal abuse of process is to issue an Interpol Red Notice and a European Arrest Warrant. 


It is impossible not to discuss the nature of the accusation against my daughter, which I am sure will be studied by many human rights experts around the world. My daughter has been accused of money laundering because in 2013 she bought a two-bedroom flat in Varna, Bulgaria with money donated to her by her father in Bulgaria. According to the Bulgarian prosecution, my daughter should have known that the source of this money was illegal. Once again, I believe I have to repeat to emphasize the absurdity: according to Bulgaria’s prosecution, in 2013 my daughter should have known that her father who is among the biggest taxpayers in Bulgaria, the most influential person in Bulgaria according to Forbes, the bearer of many awards, one of the major supporters of charities in Bulgaria, and a member of the International Advisory Board of the Atlantic Council of the United States was involved in criminal activity. It is also hugely important to remind you that the prosecution has not yet proven that the source of my husband’s income is illegal. The trial against my husband has not even started and the presumption of innocence is a basic human right. 


It is also hugely striking that both my accusation and my daughter’s accusation have been prepared by the same investigator. It is also interesting that the same prosecutor issued my arrest warrant and my daughter’s arrest warrant. This is clear evidence of conflict of interest and reveals the tight grip of Bulgaria’s legal system by Bulgaria’s mafia.


As a mother, I cannot refrain from talking about my daughter’s accomplishments. She graduated from the American College of Sofia in 2003 as a Valedictorian of her class with the highest GPA. She received three academic awards: Valedictorian, Bulgarian Literature, and Floyd Black for Engaged Citizenship. In 2007, she graduated Summa Cum Laude in International Relations from Tufts University (USA), which is among the best worldwide in this area of specialism. In 2009, she earned an LLM in Law from the Sorbonne and an LLM from Sciences-Po Paris, which is considered the best in France. In 2016, Radosveta defended her PhD in Law from UCL, the best law school in the UK, despite the constant threats for kidnapping and physical violence against her and her family by Bulgaria’s mafia. She is also a respected scholar abroad.


Dear Mr President,


Since you are a father too, I would like to ask you publicly:


1. Do you think it is normal that the Prosecutor General abuses his office for a personal vendetta against those exposing his corrupt practices by maliciously targeting their children?


2. How do you feel as the President of a country governed by the mafia and what would you undertake to protect innocent people from Bulgaria’s mafia?


3. What steps do you plan to take to help Bulgaria destroy the mafia and end the rampant corruption and give hope to all young people who left the country for good?


Dear Mr President,


Two million Bulgarians voted for you. You have a historic chance to change Bulgaria’s future!



Professor Antoaneta Vassileva, PhD

Mother of Radosveta Vassileva, PhD



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