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Opinions on Vassilev’s Charity Work

Vladislav Karamfilov (Vladi Vargala) on support for the completion of his feature film, Shmenti-Kapeli:




"May the Lord grant health, success, and joy to Tzvetan Vassilev: the man who helped me complete the movie. It is so unlikely that an idealistic artist should encounter a pragmatic patron and get cash for his project."


In an interview with Evropa Television, Pod Lupa TV show, host — Nikolay Lefedzhiev:


"I shall be in the debt of Mr. Tzvetan Vassilev to my dying day. I had reached rock-bottom when he saved me. Not just in the lifeguard sense of pulling me out to survive, but to complete what I had started and to make it a success. It’s all like some kind of magic. Tzvetan Vassilev is one of Bulgaria’s greatest patrons and much of what is happening right now in our artistic life enjoys precisely his support."



Mariyan Kostadinov, District Governor of Gabrovo, on Tzvetan Vassilev’s support for the 135th anniversary of the battles of Shipka in an interview before the Monitor newspaper, author — Ivan Parvanov:


"The eternal flame at the Liberty Memorial atop Mount Shipka is being lit again after a 35-year gap. The pylon from which the Bulgarian flag will fly and the eternal flame are being built with the sponsorship of Corporate Commercial Bank AD and its proprietor Mr. Tzvetan Vassilev who happens to be also from Gabrovo and an exceptional patriot. Without the Shipka battles 135 years ago, there would be no Bulgaria today."



Globus Media Group Director Rumen Dimitrov in an interview with the Klassa newspaper, author — Maya Tzvetkova:


"The TV series This is Bulgaria will attract visitors and investors. The project presents Bulgaria’s history and nature. Official sponsor of This is Bulgaria and the man without whom the project would not have happened, is Tzvetan Vassilev, Chairman of Corporate Commercial Bank AD Supervisory Board."



Bulgarian Volleyball Federation (BVF) Vice President Lyubomir Ganev for the Sega newspaper, author — Yavor Evtimov, after Corporate Commercial Bank AD became BVF general sponsor:


"We spoke with Mr. Vassilev about a partnership. It was the best meeting the best. There was no negotiating. He was taken with the idea.  Corporate Commercial Bank AD’s motto is Our clients are dear to us. The motto of our cooperation shall be Our  boys are dear to us. The bank’s logo will  be on the outfits of all Bulgarian national teams. This is the largest sum anyone has ever given the BVF, both in a single year, and long-term."



Silvia Katsarova on the financial support she received for her concert in 2012 in the National Palace of Culture in an interview with the Standart newspaper, author — Siana Sevova:


"This time, everything on the sponsorship front was of a very high standard. Corporate Commercial Bank AD and Tzvetan Vassilev supported us all the way. Imagine not having to think about money for once, not having to belittle yourself by supplicating. We sang for them for Banker’s Day with Tedi and they said, why don’t you do a proper big concert? And I didn’t even have to ask them; they stood behind us without asking how much it was going to cost."



Antoan Shotarov, Chairman of the Students Council at UNWE — Sofia, at a press conference in front of sports journalists:


"On behalf of UNWE’s students I would like to extend my gratitude towards Corporate Commercial Bank AD and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Mr. Tzvetan Vassilev, in particular. He is a member of the Board of UNWE and it is with his help that we implement many of the initiatives on our calendar throughout the whole year. Whenever we needed support, he granted it."



Nikolina Chakardakova, performer of Bulgarian folk songs, former vocalist of the Nevrokop Ensemble and the Pirin Ensemble from an interview for the Politika newspaper, author — Leo Bogdanovski:


"I told myself "I have two sturdy years and in 2013 I will put on the best performance." We managed to a certain extent, still I wanted more but I did not have the funds. Then I met Tzvetan Vassilev and when I told him about my idea, he responded and I finished the show in the way that I had always imagined it. That is why I thank Corporate Commercial Bank AD from the bottom of my heart."



Nasko from B.T.R. (Atanas Penev, front man and lead singer  of the Bulgarian rock band  B.T.R.) from an interview for the Standart newspaper, author — Dimitar Genchev:


"Forgotten Tenderness got its video and I dare say that it received an extremely warm welcome. This is the second video (the first one is Why) from our upcoming new album. With "little" delay we will also launch our much-anticipated anniversary album. We will also have a promotion concert with a lot of new songs and surprises. None of this would have been possible without Mr. Tzvetan Vassilev’s unconditional support and faith in us."