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Tzvetan Vassilev


Corporate Commercial Bank AD

Corporate Commercial Bank AD is Tzvetan Vassilev’s most strategic and large scale project.He participated in the acquisition of the financial institution in 2000 with his own funds, becoming Chairman of its Management Board the same year. Since then, Corporate Commercial Bank AD has marked rapid and successful development, turning from a small peripheral bank into the authoritative financial institution we know today. Unlike other bank managers in Bulgaria, Vassilev decided to avoid readymade patterns from the very ...

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Botev Plovdiv Professional Football Club

Botev Plovdiv is a football club with faithful followers that vies with Bulgaria’s top clubs in the A Division. Until just two or three years ago, however, the club was playing in the C Division while managed by a fans association and facing financial straits that appeared terminal. How did the transformation happen? Good times came when Tzvetan Vassilev decided to reach out and turn Botev Plovdiv into a public limited company. The banker acquired 90% of ...

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