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Regarding the Contribution of the State Prosecution and its Fiduciaries to the Ruination of Corpbank AD and Facilitation of the Plundering of its Assets

April 5th, 2015

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


As I pointed out in my previous statement, on my personal site, I intend to present my point of view regarding certain speculations of Bulgarian media and of Bulgarian institutions about me and about Corpbank AD.


The hysteria, the odd mumbling, and even the inadequate behavior on the air of certain representatives of the state institutions, following my interview for Glasove, only further motivates me to gradually show up all persons, who, either intentionally or unintentionally, contributed to the artificial bankruptcy of Corpbank AD. The nervousness of certain people, to whom the truth is not pleasant, is also evidenced by the repeated attempts for hacking of my site (quite by chance) during the past week, as well as the “innocent” threats sent to me through intermediaries.


Today, I will discuss the topic about the contribution of the state prosecution and its fiduciaries to the ruination of CorpbankAD and facilitation of the plundering of its assets.  


          I. Necessary Introduction 


On April 1st of this year, an “innocent” member of parliament of the governing opposition (it is not a lapse) came out with the statement that the bank was attacked from the inside. That’s right, Mr. Chobanov, you are right! The attack was also prepared with the priceless support of an insider (we will talk later about his actions or whose instructions was he following). But the artificial bankruptcy scenario and its realization are prepared outside, Mr. Chobanov! Particularly by your mentor, on whom you were dancing attendance in the capacity of Minister of Finance in the government of Plamen Oresharski and realized all his whims – from the appointments at the customs (which you tried to impute to me) to the appointments at the Development Bank that was entrusted to you.


The bigger problem, however, is why the Bulgarian prosecution authorities accepted the same person to be their mentor?


         II. “Comfortably” Forgotten Background and Certain Clarifications


Did anyone ask himself or herself why was the main opponent of Tsatsarov in the Prosecutor General competition in 2012 withdrawn from participation? After, of course, he showed his worth as an audio engineer in the Latino series “Hello, Vanyo!“. Perhaps, Boyko Naydenov, quite by chance, found a quiet refuge at Bulgartabac – a holding, which has “nothing in common” with the main performer and coordinator of the order for the destruction of Corpbank AD. 


I will describe this background in more details at a later stage. Perhaps, this background needs to be investigated by the Extraordinary Parliamentary Commission.


Mentioning the Extraordinary Parliamentary Commission, this week we understood from its Chairwoman that it is not presenting a reality show. On the other hand, however, the Governor Iskrov and the “ubiquitous” specialist with the clear nickname Mentata (Rogue) perform untalented sketches in front of it. 


That is why we did not receive a reasoned answer to lots of questions, and, quite comfortably, a part of these questions was not asked at all:


1. The Governor of BNB did not provide a reasonable answer to the question why did the BNB remain silent for a whole week during the brutal attack against Corpbank AD and demonstrated hyperactivity, when a second bank’s security was threatened!


2. It is interesting how, just for a day, the governor and his colleagues understood that one of the banks had enough capital, while Corporate Commercial Bank AD did not comply with the state aid requirements. 


3. Why was Corpbank AD subject to an “audit” and FIB was not? 


4. Is it serious to carry out an audit of a bank, be it initial, for 10 days, provided that even a small firm cannot be audited for such a short period? 


5. Why do they call an “audit” the detailed consultation made by the three audit companies, on the basis of which they took Corpbank AD’s license away? The companies themselves refuse to call this consultation an “audit”. Besides, the used “methodology” has never been applied either in Bulgaria, or in the European Union! To say nothing that part of the “auditors” are in conflict of interest! And no one has ever seen this consultation, because it is top secret. Why is it secret? 


6. Why did they give a permission to Corbpank AD to acquire Credit Agricole Bulgaria, if they had doubts about its activity? 


But, let us return to the actions of the prosecution authorities, which encroached upon the functions of the BNB and are still acquiring new powers! 


III. Ignored Chronology 


Quite interestingly, in March 2014, there was instigated a pre-litigation procedure against a person or persons unknown upon a report from an anonymous witness (it seems some#ONE acted quickly and impatiently). Until May 2014, there was almost no movement in this case.


1. What were they waiting for? 


As I have already mentioned a number of times, in March 2014, Mr. Peevski, through his attorney, Alexander Angelov, lodged “claims” with me to transfer free of charge shares in certain companies. (Small clarification: this was done in the presence of the protected and priceless witness of the prosecution authorities – Lazov, who is currently denying it. The same witness, however, seems to forget that he has also provided his testimony of this meeting at a third place, before his mentors instructed him what to speak.) 


Therefore, I suppose they were waiting for:


  • My answer to the “correctly lodged” claims?
  • Further clarification of the political plot (whether any of the participating parties was going to give up)?
  • The results of the European parliamentary elections? 


2. What ensued from the waiting? 


Whatever the reason for the delaying of the drama, from a given moment onwards the events followed orderly: 


  • Spectacular arrest of three innocent people for “organized – not quite organized” attempt against the ubiquitous Mr. Peevski in June 2014! Diligently announced by the Prosecutor General and, of course, ordered by Tzvetan Vassilev! Meanwhile, on the desk or in the safe of the public prosecutor of this case (do not think anything else – just a coincidence), there was a signal from me – with approximately the same motives, but also including a racketeering signal! Guess when this signal was investigated? After closing Corpbank AD, of course! And the Prosecutor General says that they are objective! Look who was interrogated in relation to this signal – Peevski, Angelov and Lazov – who, in between, spoke of everything his mentors instructed him! Why do you think they released the poor people a couple of days later? Did they find at that point that they do not have any evidence? Of course, not! This whole poorly cooked up scenario of Mr. Peevski and of the prosecution authorities had only one goal – to take me out of the game, so as to make the bank a much easier prey! What were my alternatives: to be in the arrest (and then undoubtedly the things were not going to end up with the insincere excuse of the Prosecutor General for an unintentional mistake), or be free and try, together with my team, to gain command of the situation from a distance.


  • After the first act of the theatrical performance, dedicated to the “murder of Peevski”, there started the second act – spectacular rushing into offices of companies with broad coverage in the generously invited media. Again with the actor General at the front?! Who needed this demonstration? Has someone asked this question? Did they arrest serial killers or large-scale drug traffickers? And that, provided that “priest Krustyo” (their insider) has already taken away to them the documents that they required?! To cause panic among the depositors, of course! Afterwards, the excuses of the Prosecutor General sounded absurdly – why did Vassilev make his offices at the bank?


  • It all culminated with the accusation against the deputy governor Gunev on the third day after rushing into the offices! I bet that, as at that time, even with the help of their fiduciary main protected witness, the investigators could not have opened the files and judged who was to blame - thoroughly! Naturally, this was intended to increase the pressure and the fear, which would result in an escalation of depositors’ panic! 


IV. Some Food for Thought 


The reasonable questions, ensuing from what was said by now – which, among other things, was presented with evidence in a number of my letters and signals to the European institutions – are the following: 


1. What did you achieve with your demonstrative actions, dear sirs from the prosecution authorities? Did you prevent the bankruptcy of the bank or caused it? Did you prevent the committing of a crime, or you just had to make use of the situation at any price, so as to come up with an accusation against me? How many times did you meet, in order to formulate the accusation that you needed, so as to issue an EAW (European Arrest Warrant)? How many times did you have to change the wording of this accusation? Why did Mr. Peevski have to attend all your midnight meetings (I know that you will deny it, but there are evidence in support of this as well)? 


2. One more thing – how much longer are you going to turn a blind eye to the obvious crimes of your protected witnesses? How many signals about their thefts and abuses are you going to conceal? If they had nothing in common with these companies, why are they disposing with their assets as if they were their own? Are you aware of the transactions with Angel Hristov and his son as regards the building of the bank on Garibaldi Square - 160 dca on the first line at the seaside, village of Samotino, transactions with Synectic company? Are you aware that during the period June, 1st – June, 13th the main witness misappropriated from the account of our family company Sunlight Air EUR 750 000 and over USD 1 200 000 without our consent and that a signal was submitted to that effect to the City Prosecution Office that is attached to you? 


3. How much longer are the investigators Kirilova, Tsareva, etc. going to threaten everybody daring to submit a signal against your fiduciary witnesses? How much longer are they going to save indicating the names of your protected witnesses in the interrogation records of other people? Isn’t this their reward for everything, with which they contributed to the ruination of the bank and the preparation of the accusations against me and my colleagues? 


4. How much longer are the prosecution authorities constantly going to state that my fault in the Corpbank AD case is peremptory and that I am “evading justice”, but still fail to bring the indictment to the court? 


5. Why, since June 2014 onwards, the prosecution authorities refuse to interrogate me regarding the Corpbank AD case? Why are they constantly spreading lies that I am hiding, provided that they have always known my location and from the very beginning I declared my willingness to provide my testimony and to give evidence? 


6. It is interesting as well for how much longer are people going to speculate that the depositors of Corpbank AD did not receive their money through my fault? 


A. In this respect I would like to underline that the delay in the payment of the guaranteed deposits is entirely due to the incorrect transposition of the European Directive on deposit-guarantee schemes, as well as to its violation by the Bulgarian state. Yet in September 2014, I personally sent signals to the European Commission as regards these legal violations, as well as the delay in the payment of the guaranteed deposits with Corpbank AD. 


In particular, each Member State of the European Union is obliged to have a special mechanism in place, so as to comply with its financial obligations to the guaranteed depositors within 20-day term as of the banking institution’s going bankrupt. And again, to avoid any speculations, Bulgaria accepted that this function shall be performed by the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund, which is not raising its funds from the budget, as certain people say, but from contributions from all commercial banks, as well as from investments. Corpbank AD has always paid its contributions to the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund in a timely manner. 


Pursuant to the Directive, Bulgaria shall have available funds, so as to cover all guaranteed deposits within the whole banking system, but, as turned out, it did not possess the necessary money in the fund to cover even the guaranteed deposits with Corpbank AD! 


B. As regards the deposits above the guaranteed amount, I did everything within my powers to form an international consortium, so as to recapitalize and restructure Corpbank AD, by protecting 100% of the interests of the bank’s clients with deposits above the statutory guaranteed amount. The proposal for such a consortium was brutally rejected as being not serious. 


Currently, my only option is to bring the Bulgarian state to trial for the intentional ruination of Corpbank AD in the name of all people, who were unfairly affected by this sinister scenario, designed and realized with the support of various state institutions! 


For me, these questions are rhetorical! I expect the next outpouring and my successive condemnation in the most brutal and elementary way! However, I believe that the officials in Strasbourg will find an adequate answer! And till then, the representatives of the prosecution authorities will surely be intoxicated with their own grandeur! We already saw the example with Sarafov.

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