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The Big Check

The Big Check is one of Tzvetan Vassilev’s initiatives which grants all Bulgarian athletes who have won a gold medal at the Olympic, World or European championships bonuses from Corporate Commercial Bank AD. The initiative started in 2007. Since then Tzvetan ...

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At a special ceremony in December 2012, the Bulgarian Motorcycle Federation handed a special award to Tzvetan Vassilev for his overall contribution and support of Bulgarian motorcycling sports. "The overall contribution award bestowed to Mr. Vassilev is the Federation’s highest distinction and ...

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In 2009, after a ten-year break in Gabrovo’s volleyball tradition, Corporate Commercial Bank AD’s majority proprietor Tzvetan Vassilev supported the idea of a strong volleyball club emerging in his native city. He underwrote the expenditure of the KVK Gabrovo Volleyball Club, ...

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Tzvetan Vassilev was elected President of the Bulgarian Bridge Federation at its General Meeting on 15 December 2007. He promised a smooth transition of leadership in the organization. He went on to retain all the best practices of his predecessor Hristo ...

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