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Terms of Service of VASSILEV.BG


By accessing VASSILEV.BG, as well as any of the features of this website, you signify your agreement to abide by all the terms and conditions of these Terms of Service. If you do not agree to abide by the Terms of Service, please do not use the website and the information and services provided by it.


In the interpretation and application of these Terms of Service the following terms and expressions in capital letters shall have the following meaning:


  • Malicious Action is any action or omission violating Internet ethics or causing damages to persons connected to the Internet or associated nets, sending unsolicited communications (SPAM, JUNK MAIL), flooding, committing actions that could be qualified as industrial espionage or sabotage, damage or destruction of systems or information massifs (CRACK), sending systems for unauthorized distant control ("Trojan Horses") or causing installation of viruses, disturbance of the other users’ normal work on the Internet and associated networks, gaining access to resources by using somebody else’s rights and passwords, using system imperfections for personal benefit or for gaining information (HACK), as well as any actions that could be qualified as crimes or administrative offences according to the Bulgarian or other applicable legislation.


  • Link is an email address displayed on the relevant website, redirecting the User to the same website or to other websites on the World Wide Web by clicking on it.


  • Terms of Service are all the terms and conditions listed in the Terms of Service section in VASSILEV.BG website.


  • User is any natural person who accesses and uses the Website and the Services provided by the Website.


  • Registrant is the person or entity in whose name the domain VASSILEV.BG has been registered in accordance to the General Terms and Conditions for registration and maintenance of .BG domains and subdomains in REGISTER.BG LTD.


  • Website is a distinct space on the World Wide Web with address VASSILEV.BG, accessible by its unified address (URL) on a protocol HTTP, HTTPS or other standard protocol and consisting of files, programs, text, sound, picture, image or other materials and resources.


  • Services are all the information resources and products provided by VASSILEV.BG, including databases, news, publications, graphic and text materials, photographs, videos, images etc.


By opening the Website the User performs an electronic statement within the meaning of the Bulgarian Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act and declares that he/she wishes to use the services and resources provided by the Website, as well as that he/she is acquainted with the present Terms of Service, accepts them, and undertakes to observe them in good faith.


While using it, the User of the Website is obliged:


  • to observe the Bulgarian legislation, the present Terms of Service, the Internet ethics, and rules of morality and good faith;


  • not to offend any material or non-material rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights etc;


  • to immediately notify VASSILEV.BG in case of any committed or observed infringements while using the provided services;


  • not to perform malicious actions.


The User’s access will be immediately terminated in case of evidence of a breach of any of the conditions stated in the Terms of Service or in case of malicious actions on part of the User.




All the components of the Website content, including but not limited to text, pictures, graphics, drawings, photographs, design, video, software, databases, and other information, are subject to protection pursuant to the Bulgarian Copyrights and Related Rights Act and are the sole property of the Registrant and/or a third party. The Website content may not be altered, copied, displayed, republished, uploaded, posted, distributed, or transmitted in any way without the prior written consent of the Registrant or the referred third party. Any such actions will be pursued by all lawful means.


The services provided by the Website are intended solely for personal use and the user does not have the right to copy or reproduce information or to use objects of intellectual property unless it is regarding non-substantial volume of content only for the purposes of personal and non-commercial use. Retaining all the inscriptions on the website content related to copyright and other proprietary rights is obligatory.


In case any elements or materials on the Website be stored on the User´s computer or printed for his/her personal and non-commercial use, the User is obliged to maintain and provide each copy with an indication of the copyright of the Registrant and/or the referred third parties.


In case of infringement of the intellectual property rights on the content, elements, and resources of the Website the User owes the Registrant a penalty of 2,000 (two thousand) leva for each violation. The indicated amount of the penalty shall not deprive the Registrant and/or the third party concerned of the right to claim compensation for greater damages over the amount of the penalty, and to defend their rights by all legal means.




The Registrant shall not be liable for any interference or technical problems that hinder the use of the Services as a result of the operation of the computer equipment by the User (hardware or software problem, a problem with Internet connectivity, etc.).


The Registrant shall not be liable in case the User gets affected by computer viruses or other similar programs and systems, disrupting the normal operation of the computer systems while using the Website.


The Registrant shall not be liable for the content of other websites accessed through Links posted on the Website, as well as for the consequences that may result for the User in connection with the use, content, privacy policies or security of such sites.


The Registrant aims at providing thorough and accurate information without excluding the possibility of discrepancies or omissions. The Registrant does not guarantee that the content on the website will be uninterrupted or error-free.


The Website contains translations of materials that have been made ​​by third parties (other than the authors of the materials) to the accuracy and correctness of which the Registrant shall not be liable.


The Registrant may, at his discretion, terminate the provision and without prior notice to temporarily suspend access to the Website for the purpose of amending its content, and to suspend all Service provision.


The User shall be held responsible for any loss or direct, indirect or consequential damages and lost profits, arising out of or related to access to and use of the Website.


The User shall indemnify the Registrant for all his/her acts or omissions, which have violated the intellectual property or other rights in the Website.




The Website stores the IP addresses which have engaged in malicious action on it with the sole purpose of blocking them in order to protect the legitimate interest of the Registrant to maintain the Website and to protect other users from the aforementioned malicious action.




The Registrant has the right to alter these Terms of Service at any time and without prior notice. In this regard, the Registrant respectfully requests that Users consult these Terms of Service regularly. The use of the Website or any part thereof after the date of the change will be deemed as acceptance of the updated or amended terms, which take effect with their publication on the Website.




The parties agree that in case some of the clauses of the present Terms of Service are found to be invalid, this shall not entail invalidity of the contract, its clauses or other parts of the contract. The invalid clause shall be substituted by the imperative rules of the applicable law or established practice, the User continuing to be bound by the Terms of Service.


For all matters not explicitly provided for by the present Terms of Service, the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation presently in force shall apply.


Any disputes related to these Terms of Service, which the parties have failed to resolve through negotiation and mutual agreement, shall be settled by the Bulgarian Court pursuant to the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.