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Tzvetan Vassilev Denounced Borissov´s Corruption and the Rule of Law Decay in Bulgaria in a Series of Interviews

May 31st, 2021

In April and May 2021, once again, Tzvetan Vassilev gave several interviews in which he commented on the disastrous policies of Boyko Borissov and gave examples of Borissov’s racketeering which became a standard practice.


Shortly after the parliamentary elections, the banker gave an extensive interview lasting over 1 hour and 30 minutes for the "Transition Stories" online rubric of journalist and vlogger Alexander Kolarov. The main topics include:


  • The beginning of the transition to democracy in Bulgaria
  • Andrey Lukanov, Iliya Pavlov, Emil Kyulev, General Lyuben Gotsev and state secret services
  • The mafia, the bankruptcy of banks during the time of Jean Videnov and the Videnov winter
  • Ivan Kostov and the privatization process
  • The Rise of Iliya Pavlov and the Vuzrazhdane (Revival) circle: Iliya Pavlov, Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha
  • The beginning of the era of Delyan Peevski and Irena Krasteva
  • How did Peevski acquire Bulgartabac and Irena Krasteva — the national lottery?
  • The beginning of the era of Boyko Borisov
  • Dogan and his DPS party
  • Who, how and why bankrupted Corpbank?
  • Sotir Tsatsarov, Boyko Borisov, Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetelina Borislavova
  • The protests of 2020
  • Elections and the new parliament
  • The chances of Slavi Trifonov and the “There are such people” party
  • Geshev and the reforms in the prosecution and the Supreme Judicial Council
  • The scandals around the prosecutor´s office, Borissov, Geshev and Peevski
  • What is the Bulgarian Development Bank used for? Any comments on the scandalous recording of the conversation between Lambovski and Stoyan Mavrodiev?


A summary Tzvetan Vassilev’s main points, which was made by the interviewer himself, can be found on his Transition Stories website.


In May, Tzvetan Vassilev was a guest on the "Alternative" hosted by Genka Shikerova. The subject of discussion this time was the racketeering by the governments of Boyko Borissov. It is interesting that for the first time in years, Dnevnik, a media outlet owned by Ivo Prokopiev, covered an interview with Tzvetan Vassilev.  The focus of their article is Tzvetan Vassilev´s comments about the abuses in the Bulgarian Development Bank.


Again in May, but this time for Frognews, Tzvetan Vassilev analyzed the Constitutional Court´s decision on Peevski´s amendments to the Bankruptcy Law. According to him, this decision is belated and ultimately serves the interests of Borissov and Peevski. “Just look at the composition of the court — at least 75% of the members were ether elected by the parliament controlled by Borisov or appointed by Plevneliev. As they say, no comment,” the banker concluded.

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