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Tzvetan Vassilev for “A Huge Public Resource Was Used to Bancrupt Corpbank AD Artificially”

December 22nd, 2014

The mafia in Bulgaria has grown together with the authority


“The organizers of the campaign against Corpbank AD are entirely motivated by their constant animal appetite for theft. They bluntly use the public institutions for personal favor”, said the majority shareholder in Corporate Commercial Bank AD Tzvetan Vassilev in a sincere interview for the Novinite website.


According to his words many Bulgarian politicians consider themselves for untouchable – they take advantage of their professional position to gain personal benefits. “In March this year I was blackmailed to transfer part of Vivacom and I was threatened that if that did not happen there would be fatal consequences. I think that for the past six months we have been witnesses of these consequences”, revealed Vassilev.


From the interview becomes clear that in May 2014 Tzvetan Vassilev sent a signal to the prosecutor’s office for being blackmailed by the Movement for Rights and Freedoms’ deputy Delyan Peevski. The majority shareholder of Corpbank AD defined the refusal of the prosecutor’s office to investigate the signal as “the height of arrogance and a proof of strong political dependence of the prosecutor’s office.” He added: “Extremely convenient, I have received official refusal recently after almost 6 months of professional theater, which purposefully led to the collapse of Corpbank AD. The attempt from last week for capturing of Vivacom through internal take-over also is a proof that the appetite of the Bulgarian politicians towards the company is growing more and more.”


Tzvetan Vassilev specified for the first time who the perpetrators of the collapse of Corpbank AD are. He pointed out that the bank had become victim to several institutions – the jurisdiction system, the BNB, the National Income Agency, the Bulgarian Development Bank, the security services, etc. “The puppet government of Plamen Oresharski, in which a key role had Petar Chobanov and Tzvetelin Yovchev, strengthened a predominant position in the state apparatus of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms. It is hardly a strange coincidence that for “good merit” some of these cadres were chosen for the voting lists of the party”, commented Vassilev.


The banker clarified that the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office was not an exception of the dependence rule: “You will guess the exact names of the magistrates, who took part in the organizing of the shameful attack against Corpbank AD”, by thinking of those who constantly give interviews, violate fundamental law principles like the presumption of innocence and no retroactiveness of laws and urge the violation of the Bulgarian and European law norms. The blunt statements of the same magistrates are the main reason for the initiation of panic among the depositors and the followed tide of mass withdrawals from the bank.”


To a question related to Delyan Peevski, Tzvetan Vassilev answered: “To me Peevski is one of the apparent instruments used for the realization of the plan but the names of the script-writers will be known when proceeding with the cases in the court. Corpbank AD was assaulted because I contradicted the political model in Bulgaria and refused to be blackmailed by the leading political parties in the country. Unfortunately in Bulgaria the mafia has grown together with the authority. Therefore they were not ashamed to mobilize the whole weight of the state apparatus and to sacrifice people’s fates – to accuse people of things they have not done, to deny the depositors access to their savings, to discredit the perspective for development for many clients who had Corpbank for their servicing bank and held their means of circulation there.”


In the interview the majority shareholder of Corpbank AD referred also to topics as Victora Commercial Bank, the forthcoming case in the Supreme Administrative Court, the actions of the BNB and of the conservators of Corpbank AD in the last months.


You can find the whole interview of Tzvetan Vassilev here.




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