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Tzvetan Vassilev: Ivan Geshev is an Accomplice in the Raid against Corpbank from the Very Beginning

Screenshot: Tzvetan Vassilev During the Interview with Luba Kulezich

March 28th, 2022

In recent weeks, the BOEC civil association has publicized information which sheds new light about the role of Ivan Geshev in the deliberate attack against Corporate Commercial Bank in June 2014. It is well-known that the visible part of the plot begins with the so-called "murder" of Delyan Peevski. Three innocent men were arrested and presented as murderers acting on behalf of Tsvetan Vassilev on national media. This news caused a run on Corporate Commercial Bank. Subsequently, then General Prosecutor, Sotir Tsatsarov, announced that the prosecution had made a "mistake". From the new information acquired by "BOEC", it becomes clear that one of the framed non-murderers was personally framed by his family friend Ivan Geshev, who afterwards became a supervising prosecutor in the Corporate Commercial Bank case and quickly rose in career, succeeding Tsatsarov himself as General Prosecutor of Bulgaria.


In connection with this striking information, which sheds new light on the role of Ivan Geshev in the attack on Corpbank, Tzvetan Vassilev received two invitations for interviews – one by the Banker newspaper and one by the "Frankly Said" TV show with Luba Kulezich:


    You can watch the interview with "Banker" here.

    You can watch the interview with Luba Kulezic here.



According to Tzvetan Vassilev, the revelations of BOEC show that Ivan Geshev is not just the prosecutor who covered the tracks of those who planned the liquidation of Corporate Commercial Bank, but a participant in the conspiracy against the bank from the very beginning. In addition, Tzvetan Vassilev clarified that the colleague with whom Ivan Geshev shared an office for many years, Biser Kirilov, has been a family friend for twenty years of one of those framed for planning Peevski’s murder (Krasimir Metodiev). Hence, the prosecution´s statements that Geshev has met Metodiev only once in his life appear misleading. In 2018, Biser Kirilov himself met with Vassilev in Serbia to offer him to buy a kompromat against Ivan Geshev - a recording in which Ivan Geshev allegedly tells about the scheme of the pogrom against Corporate Commercial Bank.

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